1) What does your site do?
Our site helps to increase your site's social presence and popularity by using a power cooperative exchange system that allows people to exchange likes, follows and shares on several popular social media networks
2) How do I earn coins?
Every time you like, share or follow someone else, you earn coins which can then be use to have others like, share or follow you. If you don't have the time to earn coins, you can also purchase coins or become a VIP member. You can literally create a constant stream of likes, shares or follows without ever having to constantly ask people to like, share or follow your page!
3) Why are likes, share and follows so important?
They are important because they create exponential exposure to your site. Social media networks such as Facebook posts your comments in newsfeed based on your pages popularity. In short, the more popular you Facebook page is, the more likely it will show up in Facebook newsfeeds. In addition, search engines are now using social media to help rank your website. As with Facebook newsfeeds, the more popular your site is, the higher your Google ranking climbs.
4) Which social media networks can I earn coins for?
Myspace Connections
VK Pages
5) Do you have a traffic exchange too?
Yes we have a auto-surf traffic exchange as well. Our traffic exchange is another tool you can use free of charge to help get your website additional exposure.
6) How do I buy coins or purchase a VIP membership?
In order to buy coins or a VIP membership, you first have to add funds to your account via Paypal. Just click on the "Add Funds" button. Once the funds have been added to your account, you can apply the funds to the purchase of coins or to purchase a VIP membership. You can also withdraw funds as well.
7) Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes we do! When you create an account, you are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program. Affiliate links are created for you and we provide banners that you can use to promote our program. Every time some one signs up using your affiliate link, you are credited with additional coins. In the future, you will be able to earn percentage of cash whenever your affiliates makes a purchase on our site.
8) How does transfer of coins work?
VIP members are allowed to transfer coins to their affiliates to award them for participating or to encourage them to participate more.
9) What are coupons used for?
Every so often we will have contest or we will email our members whenever we are having a special bonus. We will email the coupon code so be sure to sign up to our newsletter to get the special bonus or to be a part of our contest. The coupon awards range from a free VIP membership, cash or coins!
10) Why should I sign up to your newsletter?
Our newsletter is the way we communicate to our members letting them know of our contests and special bonuses. Don't worry, we will respect your privacy and we will never ever email any spam nor will we sell our email list to any third parties. Members will also not be able to email you.
11) What is cost per clicks (CPC)?
Cost per clicks is how much a click will cost you for each like, share or follow. The more coins you are willing to spend, the more likely others will click on your like, share or follow. You can assign how many coins you want to spend.
12) Can we specify which countries or which gender we want to recieve clicks from?
Yes you can. You can select which country and gender you want to receive clicks from.
13) Can we add banners?
Yes, our recommended banner size is 468x60
14) How much does it cost to join?
It's free to join. We have two membership levels....Free and VIP memberships. If you don't have the time to exchange with others, you can always purchase coins or purchase a VIP membership. The paid membership will create a constant stream of likes, follows and shares without any work on your part. VIP memberships get 500 coins per day.