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We are please to announce a new partnership with Fusion Adverts. With this partnership, we can bring you even more ways to advertise your business and additional ways to monetize your site and earn money.

Social media is important but it should be a part of your overall advertising strategy. In addition to social media, your ads should be displayed on websites to a targeted audience. You need a complete advertising strategy. Fusion Adverts caters to the small business owners with a limited budget and individuals who run a blog site that wish to increase their traffic.

What if I told you that on Fusion Adverts, you can monetize your blog site by selling ad space on your blog in the Fusion marketplace or you can earn money each time someone clicks on your ads? There are multiple ways to earn money and free advertising. Imagine your site being viewed on thousands of websites potentially for free!

Check out some of the features Fusion Adverts offers
Text Ads
Banner Ads
PPC - get paid every time someone clicks a banner on your site
CPM - Perfect for building your brand
City Targeting - have a local or city site? no problem, you can target websites only in your city or state
Marketplace - Sell advertising space on your website or blog site in the marketplace.
Earn free advertising - earn money as a publisher and transfer your earning to your advertiser account. giving your free advertising.
Filter out competitor ads - Don't want to see your competitors ads on your site? no problem just filter them out.
Full Page ads
Category targeting
Device targeting - mobile devices and desktops
Time-targeting - specify days and times to run your ads.
One account for advertiser and publisher

As a member of Social Media Likes, Fusion Adverts is having a limited special that will give our members $200.00 in free advertising. Sign up today for free at Take advantage of this awesome time limited offer!!!!! If you have any questions about this amazing offer, feel free to contact us at

Social Medial Likes
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